Custom built battery packs

I am now custom building Lithium-Ion Packs for forum and local club members and would like to reach out to the community here if anyone needs a new battery.

Yes there is a lot of controversy out there about the reliability and power capabilities of Li-Ion batteries versus the RC hobby standard- Lithium- Polymer.

With new technologies out from LG, Samsung, and Panasonic (to name only a few) these 18650 cells have greatly improved upon their amperage ratings. Most cells now have 20A CONTINUOUS ratings. with up to 35A burst!

Contact me with any questions you may have, I have many options to choose from for either endurance flying or high-amperaged racing.

And they ARE lighter than ANY commercial consumer market pack out there. Sometimes up to HALF as light as a comparable lipo. I charge based on capacity and complication of build and include xt60 connectors as standard and complete balance plug setup. Get em while they're hot!
***not really they run cooler than a lipo too ***