A new era of smart power inspection for drones


The State-owned Jiangsu Province Electric Power Co., Ltd. independently developed the "Internet Inter-Sky Eagle" transmission line mobile UAV intelligent inspection and inspection equipment was officially delivered in Nanjing. Since then, Jiangsu Power Grid has entered a new era of UAV intelligent inspection.

The device is also called the grid inspection mobile airport, and each airport is equipped with a smart inspection vehicle and 4 drones. It is the first set of intelligent mobile inspection equipment for mobile drones in China. It integrates task management, autonomous route planning, one-button intelligent inspection, multi-machine and multi-tasking collaboration, real-time operation monitoring, centimeter-level precise landing, and intelligent inspection defect identification. The functions are integrated into one, and the whole reach the international advanced level, and the transmission line can be clustered, automated and refined.

As the most intensive and largest provincial power grid in China, Jiangsu Power Grid faces the contradiction of a structural shortage of personnel and fast, fast and lean requirements of the power grid. The traditional manual inspection mode has been difficult to meet the high-quality development needs of the power grid. "The mobile airport has realized the implementation of modern information technologies such as smart perception, mobile interconnection, electric power Internet of Things, artificial intelligence. It not only greatly improves inspection efficiency and operation safety, but also realizes the transition from 'decentralized field management and control' to ' "Intensive production command", the transformation from "traditional manual drive" to "data intelligent drive." Said Wang Yongqiang, director of the transmission department of Jiangsu Power Equipment Management Department of State Grid.

To cope with the use of mobile airports, the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power has independently developed the "Internet Sky Eagle" smart inspection app. One-click operation personnel in the APP can automatically inspect the vehicle. Previously, in pilot operations in Nanjing, Taizhou and other places, mobile airports could complete 60 base pole tower inspection tasks per day, which was 6 times more efficient than traditional manual inspections and 3 to 4 times more efficient than manual drone inspections.

"Every small screw on the line can be found. The pilot effect is very good, and it effectively solves the problems of insufficient staff and high cost in the traditional inspection mode." R & D unit Jiangsu Fangtian Electric Power Co., Ltd. UAV inspection technical service center Director Wang Hongxing introduced that the UAV intelligent management and control center has realized functions such as automatic inspection plan preparation, intelligent strategy optimization, intelligent route planning, intelligent data analysis, and intelligent deployment of operation inspection resources. The system also has the capability of intelligent defect identification and autonomous learning.

According to reports, mobile airport patrols have large coverage and high flexibility and are suitable for patrols of important transmission lines. State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power also deployed fixed drone airports in substations, township power stations, and other places. In this batch, a total of 18 UAV "aircraft carriers", 5 fixed airports, and 300 UAVs equipped with smart inspection APPs have been delivered, achieving comprehensive coverage of independent inspections in 13 cities.

State Grid Jiangsu Power will rely on the provincial drone intelligent management and control center to comprehensively carry out drone inspection operations, and continuously improve the "provincial intensive + autonomous city", "mobile airport + fixed airport + manual assistance" drone collaboration and autonomy Inspection inspection operation mode promotes inspection and improvement of transmission line quality and efficiency. It is expected that by 2021, the coverage rate of UAV inspection of Jiangsu Power Grid will reach 100%, the autonomous inspection rate will be over 90%, the defect intelligent recognition rate will be 80%, the artificial replacement rate will be 60%, and the scene coverage rate will be 80%.