1. A

    <Solved>Help needed for best no frills beginner friendly flight controller for photography

    Hello all please guide in selecting basic no frills beginner friendly microntroller intended for mini/nano quad for photography..once again thx :)
  2. P

    Drone recommendation for 9 year old beginner

    My 9 year old son has requested a drone for the holidays. He has recently become curious about drones and also photography. I would like to get him a good entry to mid level drone, but one that has decent features and a good camera for clear photos and videos. He's going to want to fly it...
  3. A

    Discussion Needing advice for cheap camera-capable drone

    Hello, I am looking for a cheap full-size drone that is capable of mounting a small camera/gopro. I have had a little bit of experience with drones, having lots of practice with a blade inductrix and UDI 818A camera drone (the non-fpv one). I already have a 2.4gHz transmitter and plan to buy...
  4. sophia lee

    For Sale Ultimate and Brand new CE30-D for UAV

    CE30-D(drive) LiDAR is created to fit UAV. It is based on the CE30 series LiDAR. Of course it is well suit for drones. Like the CE30 series LiDAR, it is based on the principle of TOF(time of flight), it lanches and receive the laser light and it can calculate the nearest obstacle. So the main...
  5. sophia lee

    What do Drones, LiDAR Mean for Aerial Surveying, Mapping?

    Now is a special time for geospatial service providers. Many call it as important a time in the history of geospatial technology as the introduction of geographic information systems (GIS). Arguably, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and 3D data acquisition tools are undergoing some of the most...
  6. D

    New to drones..Business plans? Advice?

    Hi everyone, I would like to get started on a business plan for launching a drone company here in central Florida. Would anyone (whether it be from another state/location) be interested in sharing a Drone business template with me? I know its not a one-shoe-fits-all type of deal but would like...
  7. horenism

    Other Newest Drone for Beginners

    For drone beginners or if you just want something different, Hover Camera is an interesting option, it's a flying camera that can fly really close to you, and you can grab it with your bare hand without getting hurt. Also, it can take 13MP photos and 4K vids, although 4K isn’t stabilized. I...