inspire 1

  1. J

    Inspire 1 ESC’s

    Hi all I am in the process of acquiring the parts to build a Tarot 690 Pro for Filming , Photography and general fun to complement my Hubsan 501ss, Phantom 2, Phantom 4 Pro V2 and Inspire 1 V2. I have spare 3510 motors and ESC’s, has anyone managed to figure out how to attach the Inspire ESC’s...
  2. Sasha Rezvina

    Calling All DJI Pilots for AR Drone App Beta

    My team is developing the first augmented reality drone flight software, and we're looking for beta testers. The software is designed to improve the experience of flying a camera and increase a pilot's control over the picture or video that the drone is capturing. Participants in the study will...
  3. M

    DJI Inspire 1 - need software for flight planning. GS Pro don't work

    Hello I have a DJI Inspire 1 GS Pro (a flight planner fundamental for cartographic applications since it allows the planning of the flight, to set overlapping, etc. etc.) can´t be used in restricted zones even after unlocked successfully. I would appreciate information about other software to...
  4. Beeshopp

    New Product New - 1345LS Quick Release Propeller Mounting Plates

    Inspire 1 - 1345LS Propeller Mounting Plate DJI is excited to announce the Inspire 1 1345LS Quick Release Propeller Mounting Plates. Sharing a similar design to that of the Inspire 2 1550T mounting plates, the new Quick Release plates are safer, more durable, and reduce the risks of propeller...
  5. jackwrangham

    For Sale DJI X5R for sale with extra SSD £2800

    Hi we're selling our barely used X5R camera (with 15mm lens and extra SSD) for £2800 ex vat (retails at DJI for £3190 ex vat). Also have Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 12mm, 25mm and 45mm lenses for sale. Cheers
  6. jackwrangham

    For Sale As New Inspire 1 RAW with 4 x TB48 Lipos

    We needed this for an emergency job and have flown it only once. As here - It comes in original packaging - even the wrappers are still on the transmitters! It comes with 4 x TB48 Lipos and we'll throw in training for those that would like...
  7. Droider

    Show what you filmed - Post Your Video Here

    Ok.. I am going to start a thread for videos shot from your AP.. Not first flight or test videos but something that u may use for work or as an example of APV. After a disastrous start to the weekends filming I rebuilt my ADX3 and got out in the last light of the day yesterday and got this...
  8. Beeshopp

    Same Day: DJI's Inspire1 decreases price 35% & Xiaomi launched new drone

    Relevant resources of news: Chinese traditional smart phone producer Xiaomi, who already being producing other housing appliances and smart hardware, released the their first generation of drone...