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  1. GTENG T908W selfie drone

    GTENG T908W selfie drone

    GTENG T908W selfie drone.......It's not great. A review on a flying stick.
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    GTENG Flying Sausage Selfie drone

    GTENG T908W Selfie Drone Two of Us on reviewed this thing. It's horrible. Even just for a selfie.
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    Hubsan X4 H109S Flight Fun

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    Hubsan X4 Pro H109S Calibration

    I made a Hubsan X4 Pro calibration video. This is the low altitude version.
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    DM003 Mini Drone Flight Board Replacement

    Today I learned a lesson on testing out a mini drone's flight board before soldering all the motors back in. There is an update to the story at the end. Enjoy.
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    Promark P70 landing legs mod for camera

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    Promark P-70 VR Drone Review

    From Tech Review by IRDI, So here is the Promark P-70 VR Drone, or Syma X8 series when looking for most parts. Weighing in at 1.28 lbs(280.6 grams), you must register this drone with the FAA. Make sure to always obey your local flight plan and ordinances as well. And it's always a backup or...