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  1. Selahaddin
    Selahaddin Miguel Melo

    I have the same problem. did u solved it?
  2. Don Cargill
    Don Cargill
    I'm just here to learn everything i can and to help out as much as i can, anything i know i'm more then happy to share, I also want to learn and know as much about the drone industry as i can retain, this is a field that will be taking off real soon and i want to be a part of it, good luck and god speed.
  3. YouBrokeIt!
    I speak Hexcopter
  4. YouBrokeIt!
    Hobbypower S550 Hexcopter, DJI NAZA M V2, Turnigy 9X, Turnigy Graphene 6.0 3S 75C battery, CNC 2-axis brush-less gimbal (needing battery suggestions)
  5. euroguy
    Can anyone tell me the best height setting to create an "Asteroid" shot in Quickshot mode on a Mavic Air 2 Drone?? I have this drone ,model and I cant get the drone to do it. I set the altitude to anywhere from 100 to 160feet, and when the drone reaches this altitude. I get a popup on my controller screen telling me max altitude is reached- ( then nothing happens in creating the shot)- the drone just sits at that altitude, NOT creating the shot al all. The pop up states "re adjust the altitude", and try again what gives??. The controller setting is on the Normal Mode - thanks in advance!
  6. Helen and Sons
    Helen and Sons
    Drone Draganflyer (X6) with Eye Pro Draganflyer Base Station for SALE!!! Draganflyer-X6 kit includes; - Dragan Eye Pro Draganflyer Base Station - 2 controller - 1 lipoloader (in Pelikan Case) - 1 Sony NEX-5R camera + mount - 1 tool set -- 1 Pelikan Case which holds the complete set - spare parts - Many More Contact: Phone: +971 50 633 5059 (WhatsApp) E-mail: info@helensonsuae.com
  7. Mr. Ty Winters
    Mr. Ty Winters Tomas Glatzl
    Good day sir. My name I Ty Winters. I'm in So. California. I'm very interested in the Dodeca your selling. Feel free to text, call or email me. Seriously looking to buy. (909)231-8335, or tywinters.tw@gmail.com. thanks
  8. Todd Edwards
    Todd Edwards
    Hello everybody. I looking to purchase my first drone. I have about $300 to spend. I tried using the Search option which didn’t lead me to the answer of my questions. I realize $3000 would be an easier starting point, but that will hopefully come in the future. I researched quite a bit this past week and decided I should join a Drone forum to cut through the chase faster. I plan to use it on a 250 acre cattle farm with varying terrain, 80 head of cattle, 6 horses and two Llamas. 7 dogs also. I would also like to use it for aerial videos such as over viewing golf courses and Disc Golf courses. It will have to be navigated through wooded areas a bit. Many Disc Golf fairways are about the width of a 4x4 trail with some having a relatively low ceiling to navigate. I have seen videos of the HolyStone HS720 and heard that the stock video quality needed a bit to be desired. I read that I could install/use a Go-Pro camera with it instead of the stock camera. I’m not dwelling on the hs720, but that’s the stage I am at with my research. What Drone do you recommend for under $300 with the best video quality at that price point? Thank You ahead of time. I appreciate your help.
  9. Dead Reckoning
    Dead Reckoning
    While I'm not a complete newbie I consider myself a fairly invested hobbyist. My main drone is a Bebop Parrot with no mods. The rest of my drones are indoor quads or helis (mostly Parrot variances of their smaller quad- shoots vinyl BBs, low quality FPV, or a grabber arm about 20 in all). I have a 4 yo son who loves when we fly these around the house. I am actively trying to find a Parrot Disco, but they are discontinued and anyone who has them easily is asking double what they originally cost. I want to learn more about the FPV portion of things and pick up a decent race drone at some point.
  10. rascal-penny
    New to Hobby
  11. Ernie Covington
    Ernie Covington
    Have MAC address for Fc 200 will not bind camera flashes 2 orange then turns green can only connect with reset on Extender shows Mac and camera till 2nd save when reboot done per video all is lost Help any ideas accumulated 12 hours trying
  12. Hubsan
    Up In The Air
  13. Jane L Proctor
    Jane L Proctor
    Hi all! My daughter and I are new to the drone world and I must say that drones for photography have got us excited. Looking forward to all your input and expertise.
  14. Mr. Ty Winters
    Mr. Ty Winters khaled_abobakr
    Is the Griffon foldable frame still available! Please call me if it is (909)231-8335. Feel free to text or call. Im located in So. Cal
  15. SnipeoffYT
  16. Hiruma
    Owner of DroneRacingBuddy.com
  17. Hiruma
    Hello! im owner of DroneRacingBuddy.com right now, im very interesting in drone racing, thats why i create a blog to all beginners who want to join drone racing
  18. JerryMaze
    hi...... guys would you suggest me some tips about a new drone ? or the usage of it?
  19. JerryMaze
    hi ..... i have bought a new DSLR as i am new to it and i am practicing on it and soon to be perfect in it. hope for the best .
  20. JerryMaze
    hi i am Jerry and i am new here and it is my first post. would you welcome me ?