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Zero UAV HighOne quadcopter is designed for professional aerial photographer and cinematographers, carries panasonic GH3/GH4 camera. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easy to take anywhere and create amazing aerials on the go. Equipped with our most safe dual redundancy autopilot, safty parachute, customized motors, advanced electronic speed controllers, 18inch carbon fiber propellers. HighOne gives you the safty, portability and profession you need to create high-level footage.

Video Link:

Specially designed for professional aerial photographers and cinematographers

High-end professional 3-axis brushless gimbal Z1400 ( GH3/GH4)
It adopts the newest algorithm, which makes your shot extremely smooth, supports multiple lenses which brings you a top-level footage.

Portable and Professional
Special design with foldable frame arm, which minimize the transportation volume, easy to carry in the smallest size for your amazing traveling shootings

Most Safe flight with ZERO UAV Safty Parachute Equipped
When flight angles reaches 70-90degree, the safty parachute will be opened automatically controlled by GEMINI autopilot. You can also control the parachute manually while flying in manual mode.

High Functionality brushless motor and propeller
Specially customized for HighOne
Plentiful motivation enables a long flight time, A 60A electronic speed controller (ESC) is built into each arm, combined 6210 customized motors, 18inch carbon fiber propellers.

All-purpose receiver converter
It’s compatible most PPM/PCM/2.4GHz RC Transmiter and Receiver, provide you more free options.

Dual redundancy autopilot, the most safty
HighOne equipped with the most reliable professional autopilot--GEMINI, exclusively guarantees safty flight.
GEMINI comes with two independent controllers,and the status of two independent sensors can be monitored on ground control station at the same time, when any one occurs error or out of control, the other one shall automatically start up working. Phone Vibration to remind user when GPS interference or low battery. 360degree panoramic shootings Humanized one-key switching for 360 degree panoramic shootings, easy to go fo professional panoramic shots, creates a new area of aerial photography and future of unlimited possibility.

Powerful Ground Control Station
Support Android phone/tablet and PC as ground control station to monitor/adjust the parameters
Comes with excellent functions such as 256waypoints, Blackbox, Voice broadcasting, click/fly to point, Target Lock etc

Aerial Rocker-Arm Feature
Lightly move the TX stick, HighOne will automatically fly the 3-D preset waypoints, shoot a precise footage easily, which satisfied a high-level requirements for professional users.

Convenient operation mode
Single mode & Dual mode HighOne supports Unique Single mode created by Zero UAV and traditional dual mode. Single mode can operate your gimbal and aircraft at the same time, specially developed for traveling flying task, compared to traditional dual mode, it is more convenient and easy to go.

What does HighOne Quadcopter Include?
Quad Frame x 1
Motors x 4
Propellers x 4
ESC x4
Z1400(GH3/GH4) brushless gimbal x 1
GEMINI dual-redundancy autopilot x 1
Traveling Case x1
OSD x 1
Receiver Converter x 1
All needed cables x 1

Option Purchase:
Video Transmitter (AVT) x 1
Data Link 900mhz x 1
Safty Parachute x 1


Diagonal Wheelbase 720mm
Frame Arm Length 230mm
Frame Arm Weight 242g

Stator Size 61*10mm
KV 380rpm/v
Max Power 1200W
Weight(with Cooling Fan) 275g

Working Current 60A
Working Voltage 6S LiPo
Signal Frequency 30Hz-450Hz
Drive PWM Frequency 400Hz
Weight 80g

Material Carbon Fiber
Size 18x8.5inch
Weight 34g

Gimbal Z1400 GH3/GH4
Camera Supported Panasonic GH3 & GH4
Lens Supported Multiple lenses such as Lumix G 14mm f/2.5, LUMIX G 20mm/F1.7,
DIGITAL ED12mm f/2.0 etc.

Flight Parameters
Takeoff weight 7.3kg-7.8kg
Power Battery LiPo 6S 10000mAh-16000mAh/Min 15C
Hovering Time 16min(@16000mAh&7.8kg Takeoff Weight)

Control Requirement
Tx Supported(FC) PCM or 2.4GHz,7 channels and above
Receiver Supported(FC) S-Bus; Common Receiver

Aluminum Case Size 430mm(L) x 390mm(W) x 590mm(H)


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Maverick XA

Just took delivery of the Zero Highone Quad. Thought I'd start a diary of the setup process with Highone / Gemini FC.

At first glance, looks solid. Interesting screw arrangement on Arms & Legs. Think I'll change those to screws that aren't completely threaded. Gimbal looks solid. Machine fitted with Gemini FC, OSD, AVT (video Tx), WiFi box & PWM converter. Popped top access hatch to check on FC. Interesting glue arrangement. All the connectors on the FC are hot glued in.

Removed PWM converter (running S-Bus). Fitted R7003 receiver to S-Bus lead. Programmed Futaba 14SG as per manual (page 19).

Damn......... XT90. Batteries have XT60s (from S800).

Off to pickup XT90 connectors. Stay tuned.

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Be careful with replacing shoulder screws with fully threaded versions. If a long screw is used as a pass through that only secures at the end the shoulder version is superior in torqued or high vibration conditions.

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Maverick XA

Be careful with replacing shoulder screws with fully threaded versions. If a long screw is used as a pass through that only secures at the end the shoulder version is superior in torqued or high vibration

Yeah, thanks for that. The screws used to secure arms when folded up are fully threaded and awful to use. I was thinking of replacing those with not fully threaded ones.

Maverick XA

Part 2............

so, XT90s fitted & battery charged.
Now to the setup. Futaba 14SG. SWA-CH5, SWD-CH6, RS-CH7, SWH-CH8, then setup failsafe. That will do to get going.
power up and check Radio controls. All good.
Note: Doing all the checks with the Props off!!!

Next, GCS setup. Android tablet connect to Wifi. That's fine and showing data exchanges.
Click "Installation guide" and do transmitter calibration (moving the sticks to all the end points).
Note: Move both sticks in the same direction. If you have both sticks down and out together, your motors will spool up when you throttle up:frog:
Then on to the switch check. Toggle SWA & SWB and power off Tx, messages change as as required. All good so far.
Note: As the FC has been factory set for the Highone, the next 2 steps are skipped. Just check them as you go through. Noticed one of them had "Cell Num - 0".

Step 5 is a quick double check of the factory installed components. GPSs & IMUs pointing in the right direction. "Check".
Next few steps should be factory set. Centre stick setup and end points confirmed.
Note: Some thought should be given to your Android device (iphone or tablet) as a lot of us are Apple users. You will need to run Wifi for Copter connection & data connection for maps etc. I'm running a tablet with a Bluetooth hotspot connection to my phone for the maps etc.
Next, compass calibration. You can't have any red flashing lights for this. Select settings, then 'magnetic compass'. Time for the calibration dance. Select horizontal alignment first. Blue light on. Pickup copter and turn around and around and around (3 or 4 times), making sure the blue light stays on. Then select vertical alignment, pickup copter and point nose to the ground. Turn around and around etc (3 or 4 times) making sure the blue light stays on.
click "save alignment" and it's done. Wait for data transfer (takes around 2-4 minutes). Check the circles on screen, all good.
Quick check of motor directions and motor responses to Tx control. All good.

Ready for first flight. Props on and ................... Bugger. Ran out of daylight. Do it tomorrow.

Overall, a reasonably painless setup. Factory settings and install makes it pretty easy.
Whole process took around 5 hours.
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Maverick XA

........Part 3

installed props, checked Tx operation. Take off very smooth. Engaged GPS hold and very solid.
great all round first 3 flights. Performed flawlessly for initial testing.

next, waypoints & follow me.


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Hey Maverick XA, how has the highone been treating you? Doesn't seem like there are too many people out there using this equipment and finding support is difficult.


Welcome to!!
Hey Maverick XA, how has the highone been treating you? Doesn't seem like there are too many people out there using this equipment and finding support is difficult.

we've asked, invited, suggested, recommended, nearly begged, and might have even resorted to guilt to get ZeroUAV to be here participating in some way. :(

@SleepyC is very well versed on the HighOne so if you have questions he can probably answer them.

every post in this thread though generates a notification back to @Vivien Y; so maybe she'll decide to post to this thread??


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I had and issue with my Gemini and Zero just ducked out of giving a responsible response so whilst the product looks good on paper and some clearly get good results, I feel that they have got a very long way to go before they are even tapping on the doors of what DJI are offering, including DJI support!

Maverick XA

Hey Maverick XA, how has the highone been treating you? Doesn't seem like there are too many people out there using this equipment and finding support is difficult.

Highone is treating me real well. Good solid flight, accurate GPS (much better than A2), feels really good.
Camera side is awesome though. The additional features are really good.

I'll be posting a job summary shortly of the Highone used to shoot the Sydney Harbour NYE fireworks footage with the 6 GoPro Hero 4 in a cluster. You may have seen it on the App.

As far as support goes, it has been a bit of a struggle. I haven't needed it much but when I do, it is cumbersome.
In saying that, it is the same with all the Asian based companies. DJI have been really bad for over 2 years and most others are the same. I really hope Zero will be different as they now have some of the best high-end products on the market, and now with the release of the Explorer series, I think they'll do well if they can set themselves up right, with good support bases outside of China.

Time will tell!?!

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Maverick XA

Zero Highone - Sydney Harbour NYE 2014 fireworks

Before I begin, credit where credit due.
This was a team effort by Rotorworks, Inspired Aerial Vision and myself.

Rotorworks was looking for a machine that would be able to carry the 6 GoPro Hero 4, have a flight time of at least 20 mins, have solid position hold, and be able to handle flying in amoungst some of the largest fireworks out there.
The Highone was chosen for all these reasons, after I took them out for a demo, plus the dual redundancy FC added an extra level of protection in extreme conditions.

The machine was purchased and moded to accomodate the GoPro cluster. Sydney based Inspired Aerial Vision was contacted to mod (and Pilot) the aircraft for the job. The 900MHz datalink, and retracts were also fitted. Futaba 14SG & receiver added. Samsung Galaxy 7" tab 4G was setup.
Initial testing showed some short comings with the retracts design. They seemed to lock up and getting them to come down was difficult. Some mods to the locking clip seemed to sort this although the retract operation was very clunky.

2 nights of rehearsals (mostly to get camera settings right at night) and the Zero was doing everything right.
My job was co-pilot (engineer) for Highone / Gemini.
1st photo of Highone the day before (Promo photo).


We setup on a Port Authority Barge and anchored off Fort Denison.
First flight was for the 9pm fireworks. We launched 2 minutes before start and took a position 300m high & 450m out from our barge (almost over the fireworks barge). All the data from the Gemini was solid and the machine held its position until fireworks finished.
Total air time was 18 minutes and landed at 22.2V. Brilliant.

Second flight was the big one - midnight! We launched 2 minutes before midnight and acsended to 300m and took a position 400m out from our barge. The fireworks began just as we arrived in position. Engaged position hold and....... Holy Crap. This was much bigger than 9pm.
There was so much noise, comms were useless. Lots of yelling and gesturing was the go. The Highone sat there in the middle of the explosions, faultless until the 7 minute mark. Them suddenly, RTH. Pilot engaged manual mode, then reset GPS mode. All good.
Then the finale came. Massive explosions, some within a metre or 2. 11 minute mark and RTH again. Engaged manual mode, then reset GPS mode. All good.

Fireworks finally finished and batteries at 22.1V. Began decent. 10 metres out and retracts were playing up. Third attempt and retracts came down. Landed at 19.5 minutes @ 22.0V.

What a buzz! Despite the two RTH occurances, perfectly understandable considering the conditions, a nearly flawless event, and the footage I'm told was awesome.

To view the footage, you'll need the App - "Sydney NYE 2014". There some versions on Youtube but the App gives you 360 degree view when you move the Phone around. Pretty clever!

Overall, very impressed with the Highone / Gemini on the night. A brand new, factory built machine, did everything right out of the box, in very extreme conditions for sensitive electronics. There was so much more to say about this job but it could have ended up a novel.



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Hi guys.
I have the HighOne .... the very first test flight was perfect...
video perfect.
then went on a shoot for 2 days,
and disaster,
from the very first video run, the gimbal gave jerks from say about 5 sec gap to sometimes 15 seconds gap, randomly.
I have done Zero Gyro procedure... did not cure the problem
if i could explain the jerks,,, its not that it jumps to one side and comeback to same point,,,
it jerks by a minute amount, and stays there, visible badly in the video recored,
and after landing i could see the jerks with HighOne sitting on the ground.
the jerks are in all three axis randomly.
but when the jerks don't take place,,, the videos are rock steady even in fast runs, and high wind conditions,
so its definitely not the PIDs.
The other aspect i am thinking of is
1. The 18in blades come right up to the edge of the central body
so there is one hell of a lot of downwash from props onto gimbal, even while hovering.
then why were there jerks when copter was standing on the ground with motors off.
2. Or are the dampers too stiff.... cause ,,, in comparison to the zerouav Canon gimbal Z2000,
the Z2000 seems to have softer dampers.

hope someone can throw some light on this problem of jerks....

Ramesh Tahlan
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Maverick XA

Can't say I have had any problems with either gimbal on our Highones.
Have you contacted tech support?
I have heard of the occasional one having to go back to be sorted.



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Been flying the Zero gear for the past few years, just received our 3rd HighOne and use the Gemini FC on all of our custom builds. HighOne has been a trooper, the first one we had must be pushing 500 flights and has been through the wringer in all sorts of flight conditions from Lime Quarries to Several days flying over surf carnivals and apart from normal maintenance it's still a go to machine for throwing in the back of the wagon and knowing that its going to get the job done.
All 3 HighOne's are different in construction as it appears Zero are always refining the design, latest one (I've yet to lay hands on it as is at our workshop getting a few mods done) has latched arms rather than the screws that have been the standard, should make things a bit faster on the setup when we have to on occasion have the arms down for travel

Great to hear that guys...
the Gemini Controller is working fine,
its the Gimbal that was giving problems of random jerks in tilt and pan.
anyway, its back to zerouav for fixing for past 23 days.
hopefully in the coming week they should be sending it back

z1400 gimbal finally had to be sent back to zerouav
got it back a few days ago.
same problem exists.
on ground when u move throttle forward for gimbal to power up.
it drifts.
take a look at the video
if someone has a solution do post it here.

I doubt zerouav has a solution, cause they say they fixed it and then sent it back
I have never had any issuers with DJI gimbals, not one,
either mine, or the many set ups i have done for friends across the country.


Silly question but are you sure your sub trims, trims and mixes are all set to Zero and Off in the radio?
My Z1400 does not do that at all, and I'm even running a SuperX FC instead of the Gemini in my Highone.

that is correct .
since it is all gyros and accelerometers, no trims or sub firms
all are zero.

My system is all zerouav.
Gemini for the HighOne,
and z1400 ...
so since its all zerouav,,,
all this should really not happen

I was using JR DSMX11, with a PWM to Sbus convertor
so changed over to Futaba 14MZ, the Rx has direct Sbus output.
still problem not solved

now zerouav has asked me to install Futaba 14SG, and this is the radio they use.
but i doubt the problem will go away, since 14MZ is also Futaba,
and Sbus signals would be identical.

But tomorrow getting a friends 14SG to try it just to satisfy zerouavs request.

That is strange. I did have some weird issues using their PPM to Sbus converter a LONG time agi, but went to a Futaba 8FG super with straight S-bus and it's been flawless. After my Gemini blew up (don't ask, late night battery assembly, got one batt wrong and POP. totally my own fault) I figured teh Z1400 would not work without the Genini but it totally does and now I have a SuperX on my HighOne.