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For Sale Tattu Plus 3.0 new drone battery

Discussion in 'Batteries & Chargers For Sale' started by Jobber, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. Jobber

    Jobber Member

    Sep 20, 2017
    Dublin CA
    Posted by Jobber, Oct 26, 2020 #1

    Tattu plus 3.0 version is smart battery, and has unique design, sluminum housing heat-dissipation, sealed waterproof, smart external anti-spark device, portable smart checker, drawer slides design and LED indicator.
    tattu plus 3.0.jpg
    - Capacity(mAh): 19000mah - 25000mah
    - Battery Voltage: Support 44.4V-51.8V(12S-14S)
    - Charging Current: 3C Fast Charging
    - Discharging Current: Continuous current 150A peak current 200A
    - Working Temperature: -20℃ - 80℃
    Know more info please click: https://www.grepow.com/page/uav-battery.html

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