Need Help! Recreational Flight in U.S. a couple of doubt for my DJI Spark


Hi folks,

I'm an italian certified UAV Pilot, I'll be for vacation in US (California, Illinois and Washington) and I want to take with me my DJI Spark to make some videos where is possible.

Now FAA website is clear about what to do for a personal, recreational flight, to follow 336 Section and to register the drone if is more than 0.55lbs and, of course, Sparks weight more than this

Now what I cannot fully understand are these two points I found during my lurking on FAA website registering my drone:

  1. The registration link on the official website says: "to register my small unmanned aircraft to fly with an aero modeling club.... following special rule for Model Aircraft"
  2. Then, in the dots group in this pageis reported Fly a drone under 55 lbs. unless certified by a community-based organization (again, the drone has to be certified or the pilot?)

Now, it seems that you can't use a DJI Spark using the 336 Section without beloging to an aero club or have it "certified by a community based organization".

Can someone help me escaping from this maze?
Can I fly in U.S. with my Spark for recreational flight only registering my drone to FAA website and respecting the flight rules (Ex. visual line of sight, 5 miles from aerodrome etc.) or not?

Thank you in advance,



just go to ONLY the faa web site. takes all of 5-6 minutes. info from the drone and a credit card.
buy the three year faa number.
ONLY $5.usd via the faa. other web sites charge a huge handling fee for doing it for you.
then print it out, tape it (just the number) to your drone. can be any place on or in the drone, BUT must be viewable without using any tools.
keep a full copy in your pocket.

and go have fun.
local areas anti freedom rules might be a problem.

or just go have fun. laws are not always known or enforced, and most local leos do not know the faa rules. but then be ready for a ticket, as maybe the leo does know these laws. or just hates drones.
for fun use the rules are really easy. but get a copy of a program like.