New to drones..Business plans? Advice?


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Hi everyone,

I would like to get started on a business plan for launching a drone company here in central Florida.
Would anyone (whether it be from another state/location) be interested in sharing a Drone business template with me? I know its not a one-shoe-fits-all type of deal but would like to get pushed into the right directions as far as where to start? Price margins? is there a standard yet?

I'd like my company to consist of
Real estate video/photography
Mini Commercials.
Inspections (if they dont require any special/expensive licensing)

Then move onto more of 3D mapping and surveying.

I have editing and photography skills but I do not have flight skills as of yet. LOL

This is the drone Ive been looking into as I do not have a big budget at the moment.

Any help would be greatly appreciate...Thanks in advance!

PS - I have researched for days and quite frankly have an headache form absorbing all of this information..


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Looks like you have a good plan, have you checked the competition in your area? How much flying have you done?

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hes our fleet its a missing another big x8


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Business plans formats are pretty basic in many ways as businesses share common goals. Download some business plan formats from MS Office, Google, or other sources to obtain a broader perspective of what's required to form a functional business plan. What you presented only superficially lists what you want to do and does nothing to guide how to get there, stay there, or grow. What is evident in your presentation is that you need a business planner, people that get paid to guide your business.