How do I balance my gimbal?


Can someone please tell me how to make sure my gimbal is lined up correctly? As you can see from this video, it tilts to the left, and up. When I change the tilt, no matter how far down I go, you can still see arms, and not really "down," so it needs to come forward. And it's also tilted to the left.

Treat me like this is the first time I am using a gimbal on a copter (because it is) and give me very basic information, please. Thanks!

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Sorry I thought I had pasted it in to the post, obviously I was wrong:
CarbonCore 950mm Hexacopter, 1.5mm Carbon Fibre
Wookong-M Flight Controller
AG550-NX Camera Gimbal
6-Turnigy Plush 40a ESC's
6-Rc Tiger Motors MT3515-15 Motors
2-Power Distribution Boards
6-Graupner 14" Propellers
6-Graupner Spacers
DEVO-10 Transmitter
GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

A neighbor who took a watch repair class came over and figured it out in about 5 minutes. Twisting something-or-other with an allen wrench. I didn't see what exactly, but it's level now :)


This gibmal is two Axis right?? So where is the problem to have it str8 via TX??

Also you must balance the cam on the gimbal..!

PaNt, the problem was, every time I plugged it in, it would "center" to about 15 degrees to the left, and 15 degrees back. This made all the shots look like they are from the scenes of the villains in Batman circa Adam West.

Neighbor came by and made an adjustment in a couple of minutes, and now it "centers" itself to center.