Freefly roll servo burning hot


Trying to up my 2 axis cinestar gimbal and radian. And my roll servo is burning hot!! i'm using a Bec 5v and everything else seems fine nothing hot except roll. any ideas



HI Olli. That is not normal....can you tell me more about your setup? Please unplug the servo until we can figure out the issue, a hot servo is usually one that is about to die.




Definately a servo on the verge of death.. Usual cause is too much load on the servo or a stalling servo due to incorrect ajustment?

Hi tabb

Basically its new gimbal and new radian just trying to set it up for first time tonight. Using a futaba Rx not sbuss just pwm. Running 3s lipo into > 5v bec > futaba Rx > channel 1 on roll radian > radian Chanel 4 to roll servo. Then another channel on RX to channel 1 on tilt radian > radian Chanel 4 To > radian servo

No problem on tilt, seems smooth, but roll seemed very aggressive trying to level then but was levelling fine just got super hot. Wires going into servo are cold just case itself is hot.

Tried to plug it in where tilt servo is plugged but still got hot. Also tried another radian and the other resistor.

Not sure where to plug other leads from RX to radians is there a tutorial for Pwm setup ? I couldn't find one.

Hi Olli, Did you watch the Radian series?

Try taking the gain down on roll axis and see how it goes. I can't imagine how the servo could be getting hot?? Are you sure it is only getting 5V?

The other leads from the RX are only needed for the "mode" switch. Basically they will control which mode you are in (OFF, STABILIZED, and STABILIZED SLEW) They can come from whatever 3 channels you want to use from the RX to the port 2 on each Radian....but I think it is a lot cleaner to just use Sbus RX.



Thanks for your help Tabb I'll give it a go when I get home n let you know. I was having problems getting pc software to see radian (I'm a mac man). i final managed to get com port working then had to go out. Will have another go when I get in then try bring down the roll gain.
I'll buy another tx rx soon so i can use sbuss. i have futaba 8fg sbuss flying the copter but just an old futaba on gimbal at the momemt.
Thanks again for your help

well i still can get my pc to connect to the software even though i've got the com port working now and the adapter lead the right way around (had back to front and upside down before) so i can't change the roll gain.
One thing i have noticed is when the bad servo is plugged in the Bec gets super hot too but only when the bad roll servo is plugged in?

I'm confused :upset: