Free Music Resource for Your RC Videos

Eric Matyas

"DESOLATION IN THE OUTER RIM" is this week's new free music track.

I think this track does sound pretty darn desolate….maybe for some barren, windswept world. It could also be used to underscore a character’s inner-life at some point…maybe at a moment of contemplation or introspection…or maybe for something else entirely. Anyhow, the track fades up from silence and fades to silence at the end so it can easily be looped if need be.

As always, it's 100% free to download and use with attribution, like my thousands of other tracks. You'll find it here:

Enjoy! :)

Eric Matyas

Hi Everyone,

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That said, this week's new free music track is:


It's 100% free to use with attribution, just like my thousands of other tracks.

Enjoy and keep being creative!