Difficult parts when building a quadcopter


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As far as building a Quadrotor is concerned, there are numerous parameters at play together. But considering the two major areas of influence, mechanical design and the electronic board, I can easily declare 2 issues as winners

1. Vibrations- Damping the Vibrations is one of the most challenging part. From material selection to efficient damping system

design, vibrations play a crucial role since the data received by IMU (Inertial measurement unit) is affected directly. Not to mention the noise generated and loosening of components over prolonged runs.

Pay attention to parent material properties and compatibility with other materials going on board. Try to run some basic simulations and see if the overall characteristics of damping.

2. Stability - A good code with a good quality noise filter is a must otherwise, the aforementioned vibration will make you weep blood. Keep track of the noise signal input and try to keep it to minimum as possible.
Use good quality electronics. Initially it does not feel important but trust me, its the fine tuning that will make you want to kill yourself.