Building up a quad


Having got a mini quadcopter, flying around and crashing, I wanted to build my own system up. The cheapest was to buy a kit, but they dont supply a controller and a receiver. I chose "DIY 3 QC F450 kit", using APM 2.6 FC and the bigger motors 2212/920kv, with a GPS unit. They provided a nylon frame, but I wanted to make my own chassis. No camera and no gimbals so I had to buy it separately. I needed some form of telemetering, as it becomes handy when the quad is out of sight. Using the Flysky FS-i6s controller and a receiver (Which also transmits), the controller has a receiver as well, so data can be displayed on the LCD screen. To do all this one needs to programme the FC with the channels allocations for one, and direct the telemetering data to the port that goes to the receiver. Now one has to download Mission planner....iesh! ....I use Ubuntu. Battled for some time and couldnt get Mission planner to work. The alternate is APM Planner which downloads and works, but on another Windows computer I managed to install Mission planner. So I have both. Thinking of experimenting a lot I got a FTX and an OSD unit, with a cheap camera. My chassis is some Chinese wind chimes, the pipes were light and strong for the arms and the centre piece of 2mm aluminium, when completed it weighed in at 155grams (Verses 180grams for the Nylon one) Wires to the ESC's had to be extended, using thick multi-strand wires (Thicker than the originals). Here I am now waiting for the controller and receiver, stuck at our customs for three weeks already. When I get it I can couple the APM to the computer to set it up, in the mean time I have to wait. (Wish I knew a smuggler?) How does this all sound to you so far?