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Anyone else having NIGHTMARISH issues with DJI Support / Warranty ?

Discussion in 'DJI Inspire RTF Multimedia Quad' started by pattersonimages, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. pattersonimages

    pattersonimages Member

    Mar 15, 2012
    Posted by pattersonimages, Aug 8, 2016 #1
    After making an large order of TB48's in January for some upcoming projects, I started finding issues with DEAD ON ARRIVAL lipos - no lights, wouldnt charge, all "solutions" did not get them to start/charge/work. Out of 20 ordered batteries I had 4 unresponsive / DOA TB48's.

    So... the long process of video / photo / app check / bull##@##$ from DJI to get them to admit they were DOA started. FINALLY they agree, and then decided that due to dates/ manafature date they didnt have warranty... I then spent a week fighting them on my "PURCHASE" DATE BEING THE DATE TO USE FOR MY WARRANTY - NOT THEIR DATE... AGAIN A LOAD OF BULLS&&%

    Finally, they agree to replace my TB48's ... NOW.... fast forward over 3 months.... and multiple emails/ calls / "support tickets" ( that DJI Loves to mark as "resolved" even thugh I still have nothing in my hands.

    I asked for a dealer credit - to where I purchased them here in Canada, so I could get more directly - and they would not do it.

    I asked for a store credit to DJI webstore to use to help buy another X5R Camera, and guess what - they would not do it.

    Finally, they tell me a month ago that they were "shipping" my replacements ... 2 weeks later still not arrived they say " UNFORTUNATELY WE CANNOT SEND TB48 TO YOU, PLEASE PROVIDE US WITH A DIFFERENT ADDRESS.." - Ohhh so now, I need to MOVE to USA to get batteries replaced... yes, that sounds like a great solution DJI!!!

    So I ask again for a dealer credit - and again they say ... NOPE.

    FINALY they offer 2 x TB47's for each of the TB48's.. and I reluctantly agree, just to end the hassles with the shitbox of a company. They tell me "we will give you a tracking number today"

    WELL, guess what - its been a month since that was said, and they have "closed" and "resolved" my ticket twice since, but STILL I HAVE NOTHING...

    So what do all of you suggest. in Canada that is over $1200 i've been out now since January. DJI seems to give 0 shits. I've filed a BBB report, and am starting a claim on my credit card, and the retailer. Anyone have another solution?

    --- update from today--- .... So... an hour now online "support" and guess what todays excuse is?????????



    ...And it all starts again.....
  2. moonpie57108

    moonpie57108 Member

    May 21, 2016
    South Dakota
    Posted by moonpie57108, Aug 9, 2016 #2
    The whole resolved ticket problem isn't special to them but it is annoying as hell.

    Most credit cards at least use to have a warranty program in addition to filing a complaint. We had a chipper once that the company went under while the machine was in warranty, the credit card company ended up refunding purchase price as a warranty repair because you could no longer get parts....It was either Visa or Discover (I don't think Canada likes discover ;) ), but that could be an option depending if the programs still exist.

    Your best solution at this point is going to be the credit card company.

    But on a side note - from what I can tell, you bought these through a Retailer? I understand your pissed off at DJI, rightly so, but where is the retailer in this? By the sounds of it, they sold you old stock to the point that the cells were already out of warranty regardless of purchase date. Quite honestly, I would think the buck should have stopped with your Retailer to replace or refund and then you wouldn't be fighting trying to get batteries shipped into Canada. And at that, the credit card filing will have to be against the retailer and not DJI which in this case in an un-involved third party to the transaction, I would think.
  3. ACP

    ACP Member

    Aug 21, 2014
    Posted by ACP, Aug 9, 2016 #3
    Sorry to hear your story but sounds just typical of DJI, I have 2x Ace Waypoint flight controllers, £8,800 each. I have issue with them and after two years of trying to get support from Dji with NO result at all, they said for TWO YEARS the ACE waypoint support engineer is on holiday, nobody else can help. So they sit on the shelf wasted £17,600 on two shiny aluminum boxes.
  4. Maverick XA

    Maverick XA Member

    Oct 24, 2014
    Sydney Australia
    Posted by Maverick XA, Aug 9, 2016 #4
    Nothing has changed in 6 years, except for the introduction of the ticket system. DJI have cost me around $6000AUD and I will never see that back. Warranties away for 6 months, and when they return, nothing done (GH4 Gimbal & Hero 4 Gimbals). Will never use them again!
  5. QC102

    QC102 Member

    Posted by QC102, Aug 10, 2016 #5
    I would have gone to my credit card company months ago - having dealt with other Chinese stores most have an attitude that they can do anything and have no warranty liabilities.

    I know its horses and gates stuff...always better to buy from a reliable supplier in your own country and if that's not possible- any issues don't wait for excuses - go to whoever your payment method was and seek refunds in full.... let the store worry about the items.
    The only plus in this - is that DJI did not ask you to return the items at your cost; which PayPal can insist on.
    My very first foray into quad buying was from Everbuying in China - it ended in the was you have been going....

    Search "sitejabber" send in a zero start review review - there other similar websites also

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