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Allocation od the switches on the Transmitter

Discussion in 'Drone Builds and Kits' started by Trevcharl, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Trevcharl

    Trevcharl Member

    Sep 10, 2017
    Posted by Trevcharl, Oct 22, 2017 #1
    The hardware discussed here is the Flysky FS-i6s and the APM flight controller. There are two modes
    mentioned in all the specifications, the MODE on the transmitter and the flying mode controlled by the flight controller. The mode on the transmitter has to do with the joystick allocations, basically having four modes to select from, but most transmitters only have mode one and mode two. The popular mode being mode two, where the left joystick moves a quadcopter up or down and turns it around clock or anti clockwise. (throttle and Yaw). The right joystick makes the quadcopter move forwards or backwards and slide sideways to the left or the right. ( Pitch and Roll)
    Having selected Mode 2 for the transmitter, I had to set up the flight modes, by allocating a switch setting on the transmitter, to select a flight mode on the Flight Controller. The APM could only distinguish between six flight modes, so I used the first two switches (One a two way, the other a three way) which could give me the six modes I needed. The setup was quite easily done on the transmitter as it has a LCD touch screen and is menu driven, the manual does give adequate direction, so I basically ended up with SwA in "up" position giving mode 1, 2 and 3 on the three way Sw B. and with SwA in "down" position you get SwB giving mode 6,5 and 4 (Switching from top to bottom in both cases.) There are 14 flight modes selectable on the APM, and I chose 1.Stabilize 2.Alt Hold 3.RTH 4.Loiter 5,Auto 6,Pos hold. (All for photographic purposes)
    Plugging into the APM with a USB cable and running Mission Planer, You can assign each channel as you require them, the sequence makes no difference. (To get detailed instruction one can google "Setting up the APM" )
    That was easy, but how does it work? A single channel is allocated for the switch settings, as no two flight modes can be selected simultaneously, only one channel is needed. Channel 5 is used for Multi-rotors, and channel 8 for other RC systems. Each switch setting on the transmitter changes the pulse width, the Flight Controller checks the width and branches to the the part of the program that performs that function. How would it know what the pulse width is? A simple bit of programming sets a counter going, and the figure reached, is compared within two limits, and if it finds a match, it branches accordingly. This happens so fast, that no extra delay is perceivable by us humans....lol
    This hobby is not only about flying, but the technology here will really bring you into the 21st century, maybe not all the way, but a good way into it.

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