1. DimDim

    Golden Boy on a monument as a Sundial!

  2. DimDim

    Awesomizing Aviation Museum of Estonia!

    Was so blooody addicted! There're sooooo many planes, and you can visit cockpits of some of them! Alse there's is a huge collection of models! I saw some planes I even didn't knew about!
  3. pixelhunters

    Vietnam Aerial Love

    Happy to share our No. 9 movie from our Aerial/Explorer documentary sequences. This time showing beautiful Vietnam. From Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh. Credits: Production and post-production: Pixelhunters Music: Stoyan Stoyanov - Storn Direct link to the video here:
  4. Raincast

    Tips for Capturing Fall/Autumn Photos/Videos

    Link Here: Hello, Fall season is here and so I've compiled some TIPS for capturing the season with your drones! I quickly talk about PL filters, LUTS, birds, sensors and trees in the link below so feel free to ask for any specifics. I hope you find...
  5. Raincast

    Travel With Drone Guide/Tips, Comprehensive

    Hi drone enthusiasts! I just made a short-ish light-hearted guide when it comes to travelling and shooting with your drone. I decided to split the tips into phases such as preparation, pre-flight and flight to make the content more readily digestable. Feel free to share your own tips and...
  6. Raincast

    Discussion Comprehensive Drone TRAVEL Guide/Tips

    Hello fellow flyers! I just finished a light-hearted guide when it comes to travelling with your drone. I split the tips into phases such as preparation, pre-flight and flight just to organize the content a bit better. Feel free to input your own advice so those who are looking to travel may...
  7. Raincast

    Explore El Nido – 4K Airborne

    Hello all, I’d love to share with you some airborne highlights of El Nido, Palawan! Of course, it’s definitely better in person so feel free to come and explore. If you can only visit one, though, I still recommend Coron, Palawan a bit more for reasons like Japanese shipwrecks and fish variety...
  8. Raincast

    Small Beachfront Inn 4K

    Hey all, I got to stay at an affordable beachfront accommodation spot in the Philippines that gave access to some beaches/sandbars, marine life, and falls. I’m just “featuring” a location with video so let me know if there are ways to improve on my video! A drone and Gopro were used. Thanks!
  9. Raincast

    Manjuyod Sandbar - Aerial 4K

    Hello! Here’s Manjuyod Sandbar, one of our honeymoon spots early February. It can be reached by boat from Bais City (Negros) but we came from my hometown, Cebu. Negros is now the best way as new permits are needed for boat operators to work in the area. This was way more work than I expected...
  10. A

    Amazing Scotland - My first drone video!

    Hi all! Newly arrived to the world of drones, although amateur landscape photographer, I enjoyed very much premiering my Spark last August while spending a few days in north Scotland. I just edited the video and I wanted to share it with you. All this is new to me since I'm new to video editing...
  11. Raincast

    Humble Home 4K

    Simply sharing a short video of our home, all shot with a drone. Thanks for looking!
  12. Raincast

    Autumn in the City 4K Cinematic: Ode To Fall

    Hi all, here’s a 2-minute cinematic of lovely autumn weather here in my city. I applied some of the moves from my cinematic drone tutorial videos, which you can check out if you’re free! I hope you enjoy it!