1. P

    For Sale Spektrum DX9 Transmitter - Silver, includes case

    Spektrum DX9 Transmitter - Silver, includes case On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Spektrum-DX9-Transmitter-Silver-includes-case/114421353317?
  2. P

    For Sale Spektrum SPMR9910 DX9 Transmitter Silver Mode 2

    Spektrum SPMR9910 DX9 Transmitter Silver Mode 2 On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Excellent-Spektrum-SPMR9910-DX9-Transmitter-Silver-Mode-2/383793913989?
  3. Z

    Dji Naza Multirotor V2 / spketrum dx6

    I am new here. I m trying to connect my dji flight controller to pc. Everything is ok but there is no connection can somebody help me?
  4. Peteb370

    Multiple channel issue

    Greetings! I am new to the drone building world. I have had some experience with RC but nothing like this. I have run into an issue trying to setup my channel mapping. I’m using beta flight, Spektrum tx/rx, Dx6e, with TBS powercube. I’ve got to the point trying to ensure my channels are mapped...
  5. VLennin

    Need help connecting spektrum ar610 reciever with Kiss FC

    I recently bought the spektrum ar610 reciever and when i went to connect it to my Kiss FC there was no configuration of wires that came with it that it could connect to. What wires do I need to buy to get it up and running?
  6. O

    Mini 5.8 ghz ground station, get that extra distance out of the micros!!

    Thought I would throw this up in here in case some one else is thinking of a way to extend their 5.8 ghz systems and micros. I built this as I wanted to go a little further with my micros (rotorx atom, Blade Nano FPV Qx) and also push my other medium planes out a little further while being...
  7. Cinematic Effect

    Spektrum DX9 Black Edition for sale

    I got a slightly used Spektrum DX9 9-Channel Black Limited Edition with AR9020 Receiver in original box for sale, has all accessories. Here is what youl be getting: The black edition includes a 9 channel AR9020 receiver Includes a custom black aluminum case Includes a custom black neck strap...
  8. T

    Issues with enhanced failsafe not working

    Hi, System: Flame wheel F550 Naza-M v2 Naza GPS Spektrum AR 8000 receiver Spektrum DX7i transmitter. The system worked well on my first flight test with one exception. When the transmitter is switched off to simulate loss of signal the F550 does not execute a RTH, but rather goes to F/S...
  9. Cinematic Effect

    Connecting a Spektrum DX9 and Futaba to A2 FC

    Hi, I need help connecting my Spektrum Dx9 that controls the aircraft and my Futaba which I want to connect the gimbal on the aircraft. Currently I have the Lightbridge 1 setup but find it really annoying to be tethered to each other. I want the freedom to move around as needed. So id like to...