1. B

    Mavic Mini vs Spark vs Mavic Air compared

    Found the following link and thought it may be of interest. Goes into a decent amount of depth and compares the Mini, Spark and Air.
  2. A

    Amazing Scotland - My first drone video!

    Hi all! Newly arrived to the world of drones, although amateur landscape photographer, I enjoyed very much premiering my Spark last August while spending a few days in north Scotland. I just edited the video and I wanted to share it with you. All this is new to me since I'm new to video editing...
  3. N


    #drone #photography come be fun and artistic too. It all depends on some small but important factors. Our drone experts got together to compile a few simple points that can help to ensure you get the most awesome and artistic photos from your DJI Mavic Pro drone. Follow these simple tips and...
  4. N


    Hey Guys, DJI has recently announced that it ready to launch an advanced firmware update for its DJI Spark mini drone. This firmware update is designed to offers significantly better flight performance and enhanced flight safety features. Update Soon ! How to update check here>>...
  5. S

    Spark v Mavic - loudness

    Any lucky folk out there with both devices? Is there any notable difference in the loudness/volume between the Spark and Mavic?
  6. B

    New Secrets on the Mavic 2 and Phantom 5 as Told by the Spark

    The release of the Spark always prompts what else is lurking on the horizon. In fact, the Spark actually has technology in ways not seen before. Can this be shared with other models in the future? We know that the technology gets shared between products. However, the Spark had a few extras. Here...
  7. B

    The Spark is Finally Here.

    Recently seeing this on Youtube, the Spark was quite a presentation from the company that brought you Phantom, Inspire and Mavic DJI. It was 30 minutes long and glossed over everything that this drone can do. It is tiny for sure weighing smaller then a soda can. I appreciate that you can use...
  8. Beeshopp

    New Product Quick view for DJI Spark

    Flgiht Time - 16 mins Transmission Distance - 1.2Mi/2Km Gimbal - 2 Axis Effective Pixels - 12MP Sensor - 1/2.3" Battery - Can use USB for charging Estimated shipping date - 15th, June Oh, RC is not included in the box. DJI Spark | DJI Store Other highlights - Quick Launch - Take off...
  9. B

    Spark Innuendos

    Lots of leaks on the Spark on the internet. I feel that I know what this drone is about which is good. Hopefully, it will be more then a selfie drone. I even heard that it can get a high rate of speed in Sport Mode. Also, these color designs are helpful.