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    U.K. Pilots

    I'm building up a crew of pilots across the UK for commercial opps. If you're loookg for work, you're CAA approved and have the mandatory PfCO then msg me with your location, rate and an overview of your experience. Many thanks, Ben
  2. D

    DroneX Racing Season starts in August.

    Starting a Drone Racing Organization called DroneX fairly new. Looking to kick off the racing seasons in August till November. Need some talented individuals to come be apart of my racing group. All races will offer a prize in cash, the amount is TBD. Have a Handbook for racing created but it...
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    Drone study

    Hi Everyone, I am drone pilot for more than 3 years, therefore I decided to run my Thesis on Drones, Drones are the future of humanity, for patrolling, shipping, lives savings, inspection, transportation and other applications, As part of my Thesis I decided to run a study regarding pilots...