phantom 4

  1. See Norway

    Windy day under a BRIDGE!

    Hi. It was a windy day.. the Phantom 4 was flying with a constant angle.. I had to do a lot of post production to get it leveled. hehe. Enjoy and fly safe
  2. B

    Need Help! ND8 Filter - Snow

    Hi there, so I tried filming with a phantom 4 in the snow and the image quality was, let's say not optimal. Probably need to play with the settings a bit more but I'm thinking on getting the ND8 Filter. Does anybody have experience with it or used it before?
  3. B

    Need Help! Best drone for skiing

    Okay guys heres the deal. I'm looking to rent a drone off Fat Lama, people are renting out a variety of drones. Theres the Mavric Pro, the phantom 4, the inspire 1 v2 and a few of the parrot drones. I've used the phantom 4 before, its epic. But i've never used it skiing. Are any of these drones...
  4. Justin Stevens

    For Sale Phantom 4 Pro - $1499.00 ---------------------------- Who are we? BuiltDrones is an online and in-store Unmanned Aerial Vehicle dealer, welcoming new and returning customers with excellent behind the counter support. Ranging from entry level packages for those just getting started, to the most...
  5. vdeomkr70

    For Sale DJI Phantom 4 with DJI Care and Extras $1300

    I purchased my Phantom 4 new in July 2016 and have kept immaculate care of it. It has low flight hours and a DJI Care Protection Plan that is worth up to $1399 that will last through July 21, 2017. This means that if ANYTHING happens to the unit, your fault or not, DJI will make the repairs up...
  6. U

    Have You Heard About The Phantom 4 Falcon Edition?

    I wrote an article about the Falcon Edition Mod by Drone World and would like to share it with you. I´m interested in your opinion because I think about to get one of this Kits because for me it looks like a nice bundle and a great mod but maybe im wrong, or maybe someone got it already would...
  7. K

    For Sale Phantom 4 plus HDMI board, 5 filters, extra battery,& spare props

    This P4 has 6 hours 47 minutes on it, no crashes, 1 controller, 2 batteries, HDMI board, 1 set / 5 Phantom filters & spare props. Just purchased Inspire 1 Raw and don't need this spare P4 anymore. $1200 OBO.
  8. S

    DJI Phantom 4 Flight battery - new in box

    Bought brand new at the Apple store, still sealed. Already have 3 and wanted to return it, but it was to late to do so. Paid $185.25 with tax. text me at 661 478-0094 $160