1. A

    KV/motor type for ZD550 build?

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  2. C

    Need help sizing motors thanks

    I am building a drone with a team, and we have decided for it to weigh 2 kg, and we are aiming for a 3:1 thrust to weight ratio. So we need a thrust capacity of 6.0 kg, We need 1.5kg of thrust per motor. Any advice or feedback on how to select a properly sized motor to fulfill this requirement...
  3. Diven

    Tattu 2305 2450KV Brushless Quadcopter Motors By Miniquadtestbench

    Tattu has been an active member of the miniquad community since the early days, but this is their first foray into the motor world. Tattu 2305 2450KV Brushless Motors are made for FPV Racing drone. Each quadcopter motor has been carefully balanced and tested in the factory. Tattu 2305 2450KV...
  4. Diven

    For Sale 2305 2450KV FPV racing quad Motors for sale

    This is a new motor product: Tattu 2305 2450KV Brushless Motor, it is the best and most powerful drone motors ever made for FPV Racing drone. This motor is tested by many great pilots, mean while infuses the advantages of all the other motors in FPV quadcopter field. It is very quick and has a...
  5. orobsonpires

    Problem with ESCs

    Hi everyone, I just built my first quadcopter and I am facing a problem with ESCs, I'm using T-Motor F30A ESCs. I tried to calibrate them but nothing happens, they start beeping however the motors are not spinning. I tried to read the escs using the BLHeli Configurator, but the app are not able...
  6. See Norway

    Phantom 4 Motor rattling NOISE - fix :)

    Having some noise in the motor when turning the propeller?? This might be the FIX you look for :)
  7. C

    Need Help! Simtoo FollowMe Drone - Juddering Prop Motor

    Hello all, I was really hoping you might be able to help me fix my Simtoo FollowMe drone in time to take it on holiday next week - the whole purpose for buying it. One of the prop motors (silver) has been damaged and judders when the drone powers up before take-off. I have found an example of a...