mavic air

  1. DimDim

    Golden Boy on a monument as a Sundial!

  2. B

    Mavic Mini vs Spark vs Mavic Air compared

    Found the following link and thought it may be of interest. Goes into a decent amount of depth and compares the Mini, Spark and Air.
  3. DimDim

    Awesomizing Aviation Museum of Estonia!

    Was so blooody addicted! There're sooooo many planes, and you can visit cockpits of some of them! Alse there's is a huge collection of models! I saw some planes I even didn't knew about!
  4. U

    Well sorted list with the most useful Mavic Air accessories

    Here is a nice list with the most useful extras to pimp your Mavic Air Click here: Best Mavic Air accessories What accessories do you already use? Would you add anything to the list? Feedback appreciated