dual operator

  1. J

    Weather and its impact

    Hi All, We are looking to receive input and feedback from drone operators experience with weather and its impact to their flight operations. We are coming from the Research and Rapid Development Department within Jeppesen, a subsidiary of Boeing. Our reseach project is focused on data...
  2. baker2055

    When using dual controllers, what is the pilot seeing?

    When using dual controllers on the Inspire 1 Pro what does the pilot see when camera operator is moving gimbal?
  3. Droider

    Show what you filmed - Post Your Video Here

    Ok.. I am going to start a thread for videos shot from your AP.. Not first flight or test videos but something that u may use for work or as an example of APV. After a disastrous start to the weekends filming I rebuilt my ADX3 and got out in the last light of the day yesterday and got this...