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  1. Old Man

    Sony a7rii yuneec tornado h920

    Something’s not right with your range. I fly a 920+ and regularly go out 550+ meters with no issues. I’m U.S. and don’t normally use metric measure but 1600’-2000’ is common for me. Adapting a Gremsy gimbal and Connex for video transmission would be a good direction to go. You would want to...
  2. Old Man

    Which drone for Real Estate?

    The Yuneec 4K will work just fine but it has the same "issue" all drones have when it goes up. The lens viewing angle is much too wide. R.E. agents do not want to show the entire neighborhood, or the property next door. They want the one, and only one property or structure. Lenses can be...
  3. Old Man

    Thunderpower part needed

    Long time getting back to this but Hitec markets a balance board that provides connectors for many different connector types and provides balance taps for 2S to 6S batteries. About $20.00 at better hobby shops.
  4. Old Man

    New to drones..Business plans? Advice?

    Business plans formats are pretty basic in many ways as businesses share common goals. Download some business plan formats from MS Office, Google, or other sources to obtain a broader perspective of what's required to form a functional business plan. What you presented only superficially lists...
  5. Old Man

    Recreational Use in a No Fly Zone - HELP!!!

    Unfortunately you failed to perform your "due diligence" prior to purchasing the product. You might not even be in a legitimate "no fly zone" but DJI elected to design software that prohibited flight in many areas where such prohibitions are not actually present, and require constant...
  6. Old Man

    Yuneec Breeze

    Haven't been over here in awhile. Nice to see a thread getting started with Yuneec products. Been flying a couple of H's since they came out. Nice aircraft.
  7. Old Man

    Thunderpower part needed

    Doesn't have to be Thunderpower. There are lots of different versions of this on Amazon, Tower Hobbies, or any of the FPV outfits.
  8. Old Man

    cheap batteris

    Need to know more about the drone. It might just be a very short range system. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Old Man

    Need Help Learning about Professional Opportunities (USA)

    John, You and I should get together. We are not far apart now that I am back home in Calaveras County. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Old Man

    Tips for improving accuracy for your drone maps

    The problem with DroneDeploy is it only plays with DJI products. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Old Man

    Need Help! seeking expert advice in beginning a UAV career

    Having just retired, which came after a 12.5 year career in commercial/military UAV operations and R&D, the path companies are taking requires applicants have a professional degree to get hired. Some of those companies are highly supportive of collegiate institutions that provide courses and...
  12. Old Man

    How to charge my battery?

    Have you tried reading the instructions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Old Man

    Survey / Mapping / Inspection / Post Processing Hourly Rate

    I did read your previous from top to bottom and the rates that were reflected indicated the fee structure was significantly lower than most professional level hourly rates. Where site flying/inspection has a two person crew going for less than a single person operation suggests something isn't...
  14. Old Man

    Survey / Mapping / Inspection / Post Processing Hourly Rate

    I have trouble understanding how a group of "civil engineers" are having trouble establishing their value. It's pretty easy to determine what your hourly rate would be as an independent contractor and add to that for services additional to your engineering specialty. Sent from my iPhone using...
  15. Old Man

    Camera Systems

    If you're serious about this stuff and desire to perform truly professional work using a pro level rig, camera of your choice, call Aerial Alchemy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Old Man

    Discussion Need briefing on new rules

    If the aircraft is certified by a Part 333 operator it would be so certified using the standard aircraft registration process and end up with an N number. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Old Man

    New Product Intel releases its first branded commercial drone: The Falcon 8+

    I've had some conversations with an individual in Europe using one of the earlier versions an he loves it. He has stated it is not a cinema tool but one best utilized in inspection type activities. It is not cheap and uses a manufacturer provided camera and he has referenced the Sony A7 as...
  18. Old Man

    losi vs jst connectors

    Visit Mouser Electronics and review how many types of JST connectors there are. What you depict is but a single version of a great many. Losi is nice but expensive for what they are and not as widely available. Select a connector by establishing what it needs to do and where it is to be...
  19. Old Man

    PolarPro Newb Question, Please Help!

    Most of the time no more than an ND4 filter is needed. When shooting highly reflective subjects, like snow in the sunlight, a higher value is needed. If you can obtain just one filter that will handle 90% of your work it makes sense to do some more shopping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Old Man

    Need Help Autonomous Surveillance

    Tethered systems with remote zoom camera capability. Thermal imaging options are extremely helpful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk