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    DJI no longer supporting the 900mhz data link???

    That was 5 years ago. I am sorry I no longer have the equipment. I would recommend a YouTube search.
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    DJI Phantom 3 Professional Owners' Thread

    I flew mine while on vacation mostly over water and in a canyon behind a dam that fed the Yuba river. A hawk almost attacked me in the process. Not the most fun flying with all the distractions. The video was great but I have not edited yet.
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    DJI's LA Service and Support Center is Moving

    DJI will be moving this weekend to a new larger facility. This will cause some minor disruptions in our service level. We will relocate the warehouse on Saturday (7/11) and then relocate the repair team and call center on Sunday (7/12). We will be settling down all teams in the following...
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    Phantom + Lightbridge - Freefall

    Sorry for the confusion but look at the title of the thread you are posting in. Phantom + Lightbridge.
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    Phantom + Lightbridge - Freefall

    The problem is you are trying to use a 2.4gHz Rx that is in close proximity to a 2.4gHz transceiver that is blasting out video and can mask or disrupt the RC signal The solution is to move to a 5.8gHz RC system or to use the RC function of the Lightbridge. My favorite solution by the way...
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    Phantom + Lightbridge - Freefall

    I have never been a fan of the orange Rx. I would try another Rx and see if the problem persists.
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    DJI Phantom 3 Professional Owners' Thread

    It is a great platform. I flew it for 3 days at NAB in a 12x12 flying cage. Not a lot of room. We bound two of the Inspire Tx's to the P3, one as a master and the other as a slave and streamed live video to a monitor an a demonstration of some goggles. No GPS in the convention center but the...
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    DJI Phantom 3 Professional Owners' Thread

    Welcome to the dark side. ;-) Here is some test video to look at from the Advanced. Shot at 1080P60.
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    Phantom 3 PRO camera question

    Nice that you post how to correct the GoPro lens to match the P3 rectilinear lens. It works great. Let me post my video filmed at 1080P60 and unmodified. I have also included a link to the raw video. Here is the link to the raw video...
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    Phantom 3

    Guys, pick your vendor. The discount was from NAB. If you were not there you do not get the discount.
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    Inspire 1 Owner's Thread

    DJI is inviting 200 users to beta test the new firmware. They are offering up to $500 per user that reports bugs in the firmware. Please follow this link to register.
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    12v for a BMPCC

    I get more than 15 minutes. I have three batteries and rotate them through as they are depleted.
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    Zenmuse GH4 Owners thread

    I would contact them and see if they are willing to supply the board or you can just buy one. They are not expensive.
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    A2 receiver vs external. What are you using and why?

    I use the lightbridge vs the internal Rx. More distance and HD video downlink and I have telemetry.
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    Dji A2 4 purple blinks error?

    I think that it has been stated before that the manual has not kept up with the changes in the firmware.
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    WKM / iosd issues - no reply from DJI

    Have you tried to call DJI LA? I would recommend that you do that. If you have been sending emails to China it may not get a response for some time. Have you tried to remove the iOSD and try to reboot?
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    larger battery for DJI S900?

    They are still working just fine. :D
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    Inspire 1 Owner's Thread

    You can set the time for the lipo to discharge in the App. The default is 10 days but you can reduce that down to 2 days of inactivity. The lipo will then discharge to storage state. If you touch the power button, the clock resets.
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    Lightbridge antennas

    Pablo, a higher gain antenna may help. The 14db antenna is not available from DJI. You may find alternatives from third parties. In my experience using auto works best unless you are in a dirty indoor environment. I also use smooth mode for the video transmission. If you need 1080i then you...
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    Inspire1 Maintenance Manual Release Announcement

    This is the manual that many of you have been requesting for your certification programs. I think that you should be able to accomplish this yourself. Your comments?