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  1. Dennis Dudley

    Phantom 4 camera wobble none stop wont center?

    I need assistance! I've downloaded a You Tube video . This is the problem i'm having the camera wont stop wobbling and reset to home. I've switched a esc gimbal power board and the ribbon cable and the problem still stayed the same. Where to go from here? I tried to contact DJI tech support and...
  2. Dennis Dudley

    Wanted Zenmuse H3-D3

    I'm looking for a plug and play Zenmuse h3-d3 minus transmitter. For P2 vision + I've got gopro 2, 3 hero 3 hero plus. And I'm one Zenmuse short. Lot's of parts for sale for the phantom family.
  3. Dennis Dudley

    P4 camera won't initialize. From down all the way to center to limp.

    Help! I just got a p4 with obviously had a crash. It's got limp gimbal but camera works fine. I opened up the bird and reset ribbon cables and the gimbal moved weakly but it did show some signs of life. I bought a full gimbal/camera and swapped boards one by one. Now the camera moves to the...
  4. Dennis Dudley

    Zenmuse g3-3d w/hero 4 tilting down

    Hey people, I've got a P2 with a Zenmuse g3-3d hero 4 gopro. When I start up the camera goes through set up but when it's ready the camera points down enough to be annoying. I'm a newbie to the gopro set up so I don't even know how to setup the FPV either. I went in DJI assistant and updated...
  5. Dennis Dudley

    Calibrating a Tarot 690pro with nada lite.

    I just picked up a supposedly rtf. It's got Naza lite. First flight went off well. Practiced up and down then... Trying to fly it straight at a different hight the unit flipped back and forth then dropped to the ground breaking a motor arm and landing gear. What software and how do I go about...
  6. Dennis Dudley

    ISO; Hisoul SG900 Controller pwb

    I have a SG900 made by Hisoul. I put a cheap Chinese battery off Ebay and it shorted out the main controller board. Does any one have a control board or info where to get one?
  7. Dennis Dudley

    Hisoul SG700 battery?

    I'm iso; information on Hisoul SG700 drone Battery. Is the battery from a Hisoul SG700 interchangeable with a Hisoul SG700-S with the same voltages and same mAh different part numbers.