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  1. johnq816

    VIFLY GPS-mate -- Power Module for GPS + Lost Drone Alarm

    Why do we design GPS-mate? Most drone pilots have a problem when using the GPS on their drones. GPS modules are slow, and get interference. To get a fix, a pilot must wait many minutes for a GPS fix. To do this, everything must be powered, which drains the battery and causes extra interference...
  2. johnq816

    VIFLY ShortSaver 2 - Efuse Smoke Stopper with Binding Switch

    What's new of VIFLY ShortSaver 2? 1. Add power on/off switch for easier receiver binding. 2. Adjust short-circuit/over-current trip time via button switch. Main Features: >>Completely cut off the current flow and prevent “magic smoke” For other smoke stoppers like the automotive light-bulb...
  3. johnq816

    VIFLY ShortSaver - New Generation Smoke Stopper

    Current smoke stoppers in market are all automative light-bulb or resettable fuse, both of them have some potential risk. VIFLY ShortSaver is a different one, it is electronic fuse. 1. Other smoke stoppers just limit not stop the current flow, the leakage current may still damage your...
  4. johnq816

    VIFLY Beacon vs VIFLY Finder 2, Wireless Buzzer vs Wired Model

    VIFLY Beacon, a standalone buzzer with battery that based on motion sensor, wireless and no soldering required, just attach it anywhere on the drone, so it can be used on any types of drones like DJI quads. The model of VIFLY Finder 2 is mainly for FPV drones or airplanes as you need to connect...
  5. johnq816

    Christmas Giveaway of VIFLY X150 Racing Drone, Drone Buzzer, and Goggle!

    VIFLY is hosting great giveaway! Don't miss the chance to win a free VIFLY Finder 2 drone buzzer, VIFLY X150 racing drone, and FXT Viper FPV Goggle. Enter the giveaway:
  6. johnq816

    A Self-powered Buzzer to Find Crashed FPV Quad or RC Airplane

    Have you ever lost your drone at night when it crashed? And what about the case if the drone battery was ejected? VIFLY just released a new drone buzzer that totally solve those problems. The VIFLY Finder 2 is a self-powered drone buzzer that can beep loudly even the drone battery has been...
  7. johnq816

    VIFLY Finder - A special buzzer works after battery ejection

    VIFLY Finder, a must have buzzer if you always crash your racing drone. It is a buzzer that can work even after the main battery was ejected. If the battery is still connected, it can work as the standard buzzer that can controlled by the radio controller. If the battery is disconnected, it can...
  8. johnq816

    VIFLY X150 – The World’s Fastest Mini Racing Quad

    VIFLY just released a new 150mm X style racing quad-the X150, this model focuses on speed and power. It adopts 150mm airframe to keep the lightest weight but compatible with 4" propellers. In the market, almost no competitors can put 4"props on 150mm size. The replaceable 4 arms are super-narrow...
  9. johnq816

    VIFLY R130 - 130mm racing drone compatible with 4S battery

    VIFLY released a 130mm racing drone which keeps the same style as its big brother VIFLY R220 M2, very neat design and clean overlook. Though it is 130mm size, it can fly with 4S 850mAh battery, really powerful and responsive. Tech Spec: Size (L x W x H): 125x115x30mm Wheelbase: 130mm...
  10. johnq816

    New Product VIFLY R220 M2 - F4 FC, 2205/2600KV Motors, BLHeli-S 30A ESCs

    VIFLY R220 M2 keeps the same overlook as the previous version, but improves huge in the hardware spec. Spec List: Flight Controller: Omnibus F4, CPU 168MHz Firmware: BetaFlight Brushless Motor: 2205-2600KV ESC: BLHeli-S 25/30A Gyro: SPI, 8KHz loop speed Propeller: 5045 Camera Sensor: ON...
  11. johnq816

    New Product A different RTF Racing Drone - VIFLY R220

    VIFLY R220 is a 100% ready-to-fly FPV Racer, no assembly, no calibration, just fly it out of the box. We employed a brand new unified body design which makes the drone a compact design with an amazing anti-crashing performance. We have also added many smart designs such as a LED display to show...