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    Need Help! ABSOLUTE NEWBIE- Mavic Pro for first drone?

    I don’t know about “affording to live in ca”? Been trapped here all my life. ( age 59) And I want out. But I do like my “toys”. I have too many and the cc bills to prove it. but as a way of just doing things I cry once. Not many times. So I can get the “better” up front. as long as I can keep...
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    low cost hard case for a dji mavic.

    will found a good hard case for carrying and protecting your drone. bought at home depot. cost about $50 usd. lockable. ship-able. can dump stuff on it. etc. it is a ridge tool box. just remove the inner parts. inner top cap just need a flat blade screwdriver, the rest just lifts out. in the...
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    New way to take drones down

    with all the new anti drone laws, we need some protecting our rights and property from attacks. as if done "wrong" it can maim or kill people not in this area. aka: someone just walking by.
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    ham radio license

    one can transmit world wide on 1/4W. just depends on the band and style you are working. a transceiver can fit into a cough-drop tin, the key outside of it. then the wire. and it runs off one 9 volt batt.
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    Influence of the RC Industry Caused by Cobalt Price Increase

    i will hate to see the cost of lipo batteries for rvs in three years, they are $1,000.oo usd and up. each now, and need a min of four (4).
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    Drones on Mars

    first i would place at least 12 satellites in orbit. basic gps stuff. couple ground rader. photo types. then worry about a "flight" type of mars drone. but the mars drone would maybe be a balloon lift style as well as props. this would give very long flight times. larger drone (more test...
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    Need Help! ABSOLUTE NEWBIE- Mavic Pro for first drone?

    i jumped in with both feet for a mavic pro platinum. good and bad, the weather around here has been wet of late so flying time has been very little. in northern ca we need the rain. and snow pack. but i love this little thing. i do not fly it, only tell it where to go. the putter does the...
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    i have one of these, never owned a drone before, and not knowing many with them. is is very quiet. I like that. not been able to get much air time (weather) but so far the only problem i see, is visibility. my eyes are not so great. but just seeing it at 100 yards was a problem. trees a sorta...
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    New Product help, brand new quadrone sparrow, wont work blades wont even spin, never used, new out of box

    how close to a airport or a no fly zone are you? as dji locks you out of them.
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    Discussion Creating rotorless drone

    do i see a valid competter to dji forth coming?
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    Need Help! Recreational Flight in U.S. a couple of doubt for my DJI Spark

    just go to ONLY the faa web site. takes all of 5-6 minutes. info from the drone and a credit card. buy the three year faa number. ONLY $5.usd via the faa. other web sites charge a huge handling fee for doing it for you. then print it out, tape it (just the number) to your drone. can be any...
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    Tehachapi Loop

    just joined today. a bit late for this. but as a foamer maybe next time (mid week possible?) i work weekends.