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    Camflite Ascent suas drone

    Ascent drone American made the lightest in its class.
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    News Camflite Ascent and Versa sUAS

    Ascent X / X8 is the newest sUAS platform that is both flexible and payload agnostic to enable customers with unique and demanding needs. CamFlite designed aluminum carbon fiber air-frame All-Electric and hybrid power options Inherently scalable design Uncompromising quality and support
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    News Camflite New Ascent and Versa sUAS

    X Specifications Motors: 4-T-Motor U8II Propeller size: 29” Weight: ~14.5 lbs. / ~6.5 kg Max payload: ~8.7 lbs. / ~3.9 kg1 MTOW: 37 lbs. / 17kg Power: 16Ah to 44Ah @ 44v1 Flight time: ~10 – 45 minutes1 Control range: ~5 miles / ~8 km Max speed: 65 mph / 100 km/h Dust & water-resistant Power...
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    mRobotics Location One GPS Failures

    mRobotics Location One GPS Has anyone had issues? I have been through 4 units all had compass component failures within 20 mins -1 hour of flying time. Prior to failures, the performance was exceptional, head and shoulders above here2. I would not buy there product their service is ZERO and...
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    FPV Racing ImpulseRC Reverb Freestyle Frame

    Nice looking frame anyone ordered it?
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    DJI CrystalSky Bright Daylight Monitor

    Has anyone else tried the new CrystalSky Monitor from DJI? Link here: My buddy has one and said you use this instead of your phone or tablet. Everything runs off this. The biggest advantage is the ultra bright display which DJI says can be easily seen in broad daylight...
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    DJI Mavic Pro on Amazon

    Pretty good deals on the DJI Mavic Pro Bundle on Amazon I also see DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo Platinum version. This one just released featuring 30 minute runtime and quieter operation. I probably would have gone for the platinum if it was...
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    A better case for the Mavic Pro

    I was not happy with the case that came with the Mavic Pro Fly More combo. The Mavic and controller were a very tight fit in there. My Mavic got caught in there too and was really hard to get out so I ended up getting this one on Amazon this past week: Everything...
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    Connecticut lawmakers considering deadly additions to police drones. Guns - Tasers - more

    Connecticut lawmakers are considering potentially deadly additions to police drones. We all knew this was just a matter of time (or at least I did). Within 5 to 10 years I predict this will be coming to a town near you. Guns, tasers, tear gas, tranquilizer name it. Article here...
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    Intel's Light Drones at the Super Bowl Light up the Sky!

    How did everyone like the Intel Drone show at the Superbowl this year? A link to Intel's page on these drones which contain some videos as well:
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    Test posts

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    DroneVibes Drone Giveaway Contest! What drone should we award as the prize? is gearing up for a big contest where we will give away a drone to one of our members. The question is though....which one? We want your feedback as to what the grand prize should be and why. Should it be a DJI? Yuneec? 3DR? Xiro? Blade? Some other brand? And what model...
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    Poll: Are you a commercial/professional, prosumer or consumer level user of Drones/UAV's?

    Poll: Are you a commercial/professional, prosumer or consumer/hobbyist level user of Drones/UAV's? We are trying to better understand our audience and have prepared this poll so please vote and let us know where you feel you best fit in on the scale. Feel free to post a comment as well...
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    3DR Solo vs DJI Phantom 3 Professional review compare video

    What do you think of Nick's comments and review here on the DJI Phantom 3 Professional and the 3DR Solo?
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    List your event free here. Discuss events. Share photos & Video

    You can now list your event free in this forum. Create it's own thread for people to learn more about it. Share and exchange photos, videos and information before, during and after any drone event.
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    You can tag somebody directly in a post!

    You can tag any user by typing the @ sign and then their username right in a post. Just type @ then start typing their username and select it when it pops up. then continue typing. @Petr Hejl @Talon Six Testing the inline post tagging. It works!
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    Drone use by police. Different applications and configurations

    Does anyone think it won't be long until every police force, and potentially every squad car, will be equipped with a tactical drone of some kind? What are your thoughts on potential uses and equipment types or specialized drone configurations? Some that came to mind were: Intelligence...
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    Let us know what your favorite brand of radio equipment is

    We are curious what your favorite brand of radio equipment is and why you chose it over the other options available to you
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    Has anyone seen racing drones with rear and side props for more speed & agility?

    All the racing drones I've seen are smaller quad racers. It would seem logical to put a rear facing pusher prop or front propellor to further enhance speed. Also some micro motors with small props on the side for added turn in. Would be a bit more complex in the software mix but the speed and...