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    Beginner here, Motor KV advice?

    Hi, I'm building my first drone out of the ZD550 frame. Most of the extra weight would be from a small gimbal like this (180g) and a gopro hero 4 (83g). What kv/size of motor would be ideal for this config, plus some extra? Some speed would also be nice ;D I'm hearing around 600-900 kv, but I...
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    KV/motor type for ZD550 build?

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    Extra Camera?

    GoPros are great, you can get a Hero 4 Silver for under $100 used. 720p@120fps, 1080p@60fps, 2k@30fps, and a few more. If the drone can lift it, you can get a cheap 2 axis gimbal for around $30.
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    How to learn to fly drones?

    Hi Jake, (before I start, I'll say that I have no experience with "hobby grade" racing drones, so I'm just going off of what I've been researching online. Might not be perfect.) If you ask the FPV crowd, they'll tell you that, almost as much as there is a difference between cars and fighter...
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    Need Help! Whats next?

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    Need Help! Whats next?

    Hi David, I am in no way a legal professional, but I've done some research on drone regulations. I think that (for now) if the drone is over 250 grams, all you need is to register the drone and display your number clearly on the drone. However, I have even seen (online, at least) legal...
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    Use Webcam Parts with 5.8Ghz Reciever

    Hi, I have a camera taken out of an old usb webcam. It has four wires attached to and labeled on the board: 5V (red); DM (white); DP (green); and GND (black). I was thinking I could use it just like a 'normal' FPV camera and get a transmitter for it. However, it has four wires rather than three...
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    What parts am I missing?

    Maybe a few ESCs? Sorry if I missed it in the list
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    Does mAh matter when charging a LiPo?

    Ok. From what I'm reading, A "full" 1s is (regardless of capacity?) about 4.2v. So, lets say I get the batteries below. It's still 1s and 35C, just higher capacity. It would take longer to charge (on the original charger), but would eventually get to full and the charger would signal so, since...
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    Does mAh matter when charging a LiPo?

    Very 'beginner' question here... :) I'm trying to replace my Blade Inductrix drone battery. Original is a 1s 150mAh 35C. The charger it comes with is EFLC1008 (Input: 5.0V 350mA, Output: 4.2V 300mA). If I were to get another battery, would a (1) higher C-rating and (2) higher mAh affect the...
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    Cinematic Video with Plane?

    I'm not sure whether here, "drone" applies to ALL UAVs or just quadcopters, but- I have noticed that very few (closer to no) people online talk about/use RC planes for gimbal-type cinematic shots (like what you usually get from a racing drone). I have noticed that a few use 2-axis gimbals with...
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    Discussion Needing advice for cheap camera-capable drone

    Yep, here. It says that the dimensions are 2.4 x 1.3 x 1.6 in (i assume without the waterproof case), not sure if that includes the extruded lens part. I got into some more research... the bugs 3 fits a gopro hero+ which is 1.61x2.32x1.18 inches, and the camera I will be using is 2.4 x 1.3 x...
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    Discussion Needing advice for cheap camera-capable drone

    Nice one! The only problem is that the mount might not fit the camera I want.
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    Discussion Needing advice for cheap camera-capable drone

    Hello, I am looking for a cheap full-size drone that is capable of mounting a small camera/gopro. I have had a little bit of experience with drones, having lots of practice with a blade inductrix and UDI 818A camera drone (the non-fpv one). I already have a 2.4gHz transmitter and plan to buy...