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    Setting a bad example

    I have not been a member here that long and from what I have noticed is a bit saddening. On the Beginner's Drone section there are a very large amount a beginner's asking for help or advice, me being one of them. Not one person that is a member here has responded to any of the threads to help...
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    Need Help! Help with Naza Assistant and Flight controller

    PROBLEM SOLVED !! Now a new problem getting my motors to arm and spin up... Hope to figure this out.. Try try again.... Good way to learn how things work.. ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED!!! Good thing I was able to solve it. Jeesh...
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    New to Forums

    Hey Guys, I wanted to take the time to introduce myself before posting a thread for help. I am new to flying Hexacopters and just now trying to finish up my first build. Anyway, my name is Kent and I hope I can find the help I need here to get things finished with my build .With that out of...