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    Mikrokopter hyperterminal for mk usb in windows 8

    Figured it out, needed to download it from this site
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    Mikrokopter hyperterminal for mk usb in windows 8

    I have the drivers downloaded & my computer is recognizing the mk usb, but I'm unable to open hyperterminal in windows 8. I am new to windows 8. Do I need to download hyperterminal or am I just not looking in the right place?
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    motor bearings oil

    Most of the info I find says not to oil motor bearings when replacing them, But there is a youtube video where he soaks the new bearings in a bag of oil before putting them in. so my question: oil or no oil? why or why not?
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    ham radio license

    I'm in Alaska USA
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    ham radio license

    Is it correct that operating av transmitters over 25mW requires a ham radio operators license?
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    3 Spectrum Recievers for sale

    do you still have any of the ar 8000 receivers left to sell?
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    SOLD!!**MikroKopter Okto2 complete kit w/nav. ($offers)

    Interested, Is it partially assembled? does the gimbal have servos?
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    Cinestar 3-axis w radians $1000

    will you ship to Alaska, zip 99705?