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    Camflite Promo Video
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    Need Help! Wire size

    yes that would be fine.
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    Naza M lite in 2021

    It's not a supported flight controller you would be better off with a pixhawk .
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    Hubsan h501ss goggles:

    You can use either one.
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    Need Help! Cam+ voltage

    No, you can just solder to a 5v pad.
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    Flight Controller for Hexacopter

    Yes, pixhawk is the way to go with the new orange cube.
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    Hello All

    Sweet welcome aboard
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    A manned copter is being constructed

    That is really sweet !
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    Looking to buy, Need opinion (FAA ?)

    If your going to fly commercially you will need a 107, as for dones I would with mavic unless your trying to fly for money.
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    Tx signal lost Wookong

    Rebind it with the throttle stick low.
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    Need Help! Help with x6follower

    I'd hit it with a hammer......
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    Failsafe in working m

    Failsafe using spektrum is done on the bind.
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    Quad Lifting Capability

    You need to pic a quad and see what motor they are using them you can get the trust data to determine how much you can lift.
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    Can Anyone help with OSD

    can you post a pic?
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    Need Help! Q380 question

    You can use double stick tape and mount it to the top plate.